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SIEBEN 'Lockdown The Covers' CD

Matt Howden's Sieben used to play sporadic cover versions on his weekly performances during the pandemic in 2020. While once in a month a recording was made of one of these performances and published digitally via Bandcamp, the cover version had to be left out due to licensing reasons. He decided to release them (proper licensed) on CD only via his own...
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Albireon 'I Passi Di Liu' CD+DVDr

LBIREON started as a musical project back in late 1998 from the strong will of self expression of Davide Borghi (Vocals, guitars, lyrics) and Carlo Baja-Guarienti (keyboards, piano, flute) . Albireon developed an heartfelt and clear sound with acoustic guitar and keyboards and started to write and record music. The first demo called "Where free birds...
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LARK BLAMES 'The Reins of Life' CD

Lark Blames was founded in 2005 by Lloyd James (Naevus, Retarder) and Marc Blackie (Sleeping Pictures, These Papercuts). While the initial recordings collected on their acclaimed debut album Chimney (Old Europa Cafó, 2006) are improvisatory in nature, the new body of work on their second, The Reins of Life, constitutes a far more considered and assured...
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