RAPOON 'Airstrikes/Easterly Moon' 2CD

A double album with the recording of the Warsaw gig entitled 'Easterly Moon' (100 copies only)

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'Airstrikes' is Robin Storey's brand new album on Zoharum since 'Blue Days' released back in 2015. Unlike the latter, 'Airstrikes' contains longer compositions that combine the different recurring themes from Rapoon repertoire from the past 25 years. These are both inspirations from oriental music and rhythmic structures that derive directly from dance music. The seven compositions on the album are subtle observations of the processes taking place in the modern world.

Airstrikes announced on the news bulletin with the same detachment as announcing a rise in the price of petrol... A computer game… a dancing crosshairs above a target... The sound of a dulcimer playing an ancient song careens through the dusty, dry desert air... Life persists.... we are such stuff as dreams are made on…

'Airstrikes' is released in three versions:
- as a single album
- as a double album with the recording of the Warsaw gig entitled 'Easterly Moon' (100 copies only)
- as a wooden box celebrating 25 years of Rapoon featuring the 2CD version of the new album, a cassette version of 'Airstrikes', a second tape entitled 'Ghost Circle' (featuring the most interesting compositions from Rapoon discography personally selected by Robin Storey) and a set of curios (50 copies only)

The CD is housed in gatefold sleeve and is strictly limited to 400 copies. The cover is based on paintings by Robin Storey and the design was handled by Maciej Mehring. 'Airstrikes' was mastered by Maciej Bartkowiak (who was the mastering engineer on previous Rapoon releases). The whole production process was overseen by Michał Porwet.

Release date: 1.12.2017

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