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CD folded in jewelcase, released by Greytone.

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CD folded in jewelcase, released by Greytone.

Press-kit: Mare Di Dirac are an Italian collective who create lo-fi, morbid, and sometimes ritual based sound that mix together elements field recordings, natural reverb, human voices, subtle electronics, and selection of instrumental / percussion matter taking in: old church organ, didgeridoo, Tibetan bells, marine trumpet, rain drum & other elements. Their sound falls somewhere between crude ritual ambience, murky grim drone matter, and dark ‘n’ dank sound art." (Musique Machine Web Zine)
The ancient Greenlandic inuit's legends spoke about Tupilak (or Tupilaq) as an assembly of various objects frabricated by shamanism for ritualistic chants.
This type of symbology brings to mind the fundamental concept of additive synthesis and union of various elements in the mixing process.
The compositional phases are the result of a long ritualistic process where any sound's element are arranged to recreate the solid form of Tupilak.
TUPILAK is based on unusual method of composition, using particular kinds of instruments like: Marine trumpet, Waterphone, Gong, Didgeridoo & other ritualistic instruments and mixing with digital sound of granular synthesis & minimal noise of various analog electronic elements.
The recording techniques are made so as to generate a total immersion into the resonant body of instruments, to give to the listener a deep perception of sound waves. 


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