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BJ NILSEN – Distant Brilliance 10"

10" vinyl released by Silentes in '13' series 

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10" vinyl released by Silentes in '13' series 

Press-kit BJ NILSEN releases his very first 10" vinyl record in a career spanning more than twenty years, and the result is simply a must for anyone interested in experimental electronic music. "Distant Brilliance" contains two new tracks, namely "The Question" and "The Answer", which were composed especially for this release on 13 and were recorded at Odd Phasing and Echoes, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2019. Packed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with images created by Stefano Gentile, the layers of abstraction and decay in the artwork were the catalyst for the music, which comes as a welcome addition to both the label's and the artist's ever-growing catalogues.

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