MLP released by Lumberton Tradiong

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MLP released by Lumberton Tradiong

For a number of years now, Sion Orgon has been crafting music that fuses abstract electronic mulch with the kind of bright melodies one would expect from a shiny pop group. Using avant-garde sensibilities and a vision partly shaped by his affiliation with both Thighpaulsandra and Coil, the Welsh producer/musician has never been afraid to push these into areas most artists of a similar disposition would never be bold enough to touch. At once catchy, psychedelic, filmic and disturbed, Sion Orgon's work has a very distinctive feel to it that only arrives from a craftsman firmly locked on to his own path. 'Dust' is the very latest collection of work, comprising six new tracks featuring Thighpaulsandra on half of them and a number of other guests, including Claudio Gian, Lara Ward and Richard Johnson. Somewhere amongst the many convoluted folds of often weird 'n' wonderful sounds are texts spoken by a number of random Finnish and Latvian people, further enhancing the multi-dimensional stealth attack of any one of the songs presented here. Like, again, his regular collaborator Thighpaulsandra's work, Sion's is enmeshed in rich layers and tangents so disparate they'd never make sense in anybody else's hands, and despite the countless such claims put forward by those essentially creating music permanently stuck in first gear this truly is aimed at those who demand far more from their listening experience.

Limited to 300.

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