kakofoNIKT Dance Epidemic - Greatest Hits A​.​D. 1518 CD

CD edit. released by Antenna Non Grata.

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CD edit. released by Antenna Non Grata.

for the tenth album of the group kakofoNIKT, released in the 15th year of the band's existence. Publishers emerging from industrial, psychedelic and occult music differed in style, but always reached for the tradition of "album concept" - the titles and visual setting were identical to the content. kakofoNIKT has been experimenting for years not only on the level of music or instrumentation, but also what Al Hubbard, Ludwig von Bertalanffy and Timothy Leary used to call "set and setting". While during the concerts they started listening in order to gain access to the time or the current time, e.g. concerts at 5 am, or it lasts 8 hours), to record studio recordings of these functions, a kind of myth creation in the practice of using the band.

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