ANTIKATECHON - Sublime Ascension CD

CD released by Heerwagen Tod.

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CD released by Heeregen Tod.
Antikatechon (the hermetic name adopted by experimental sound artist Davide Del Col) is a sonic post-industrial project newly back on track with an eerily addictive and multi-timbral soundscaping odyssey, plunging the listener in a vast spectrum of emotional ambivalence and raging then tranced out realms. The densely layered walls of sounds guarantee a solid excursion in shadowy vastness. A wide ranging of noisy atmospheric thrills, reversed swirling tones, unsettling textures, ritualistic repetitive lines and blurred out melodies progressively rise to the fore to shroud the listener in vivid and vibrant expressive images or haunting wonder. This is the eighth studio album published under this moniker and the second one welcomed by Heerwegen Tod Production.

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