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NIMH - Before And After Silence CD

CD edit. released by Zoharum.

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CD edit. released by Zoharum.
Recently, Giuseppe Verticchio has devoted a lot of work to organizing and systematizing a rather extensive archive, containing both projects that were practically completed but never published, as well as sketches and abandoned fragments or registered ideas that, for various reasons, were not continued even though some some of them even date back to the late 1980s. Following these activities, the recordings are saved in a digital version. These materials included also a cassette titled "Before and After Silence", which is a reference to Brian Eno's album, although its musical content isn't stylistically consistent with the work of the godfather of the ambient genre. Recordings from the early 1990s are collected here, prepared for a specific, complete, coherent publishing concept. These are tracks performed live, mainly using a sequencer and synthesizers along with effects and the use of "ambiences" based on drones and various sounds previously recorded on tape. Now the material has been completely remastered and has been published first time on CD as the second installment in the "Early Electronic Works" series after "Caustic / Composite".

Release date: 04.04.2024

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