PHURPA 'Chod Ritual / Grotta Santarcangelo' CD

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Chöd / Chod is an ancient practice of cutting through tensions, fears, and obstacles in our life. In Chöd / Chod, we visualize making an offering of our body, which is transformed into whatever is wanted by all beings in all realms. In this vast offering we create and cultivate a flow with everything around us and are in contact with the boundless dimension of ourselves. Chod involves all of the senses, as one practices it by visualizing the offering while singing and playing ritual instruments. Practitioners who accomplish the practice find themselves free of the hope and fear that prevents one from truly helping others in every situation.
On this CD you can hear the sounds of such "live ritual". Recordings are of best quality, you will wonder about! This is for sure best way to listen to PHURPA, a long (over one hour) tibetan ritual with all tipical PHURPA instruments and vocals.
The title of this album (Chöd / Chod) reminds to the album released by Zoharum but the sounds and intentions are here completely different!

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