OPOLLO 'Stone Tapes' CD

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Stone Tapes" is the physical debut album of Opollo, the solo project of Jarosław Leśkiewicz (usually under the moniker Naked On My Own). The first works of Opollo were released online as part of "Rover Tracks" album.
10 compositions included on "Stone Tapes" develop the ideas of that release and expands them with new elements. Opollo music is a meeting place of shoegaze, ambient, sludge and drone, and all of the sounds float in interplanetary space. The lightness of sonic structure is equal to zero gravity. "Stone Tapes" is a perfect gift for fans of Brain Eno, Edward Artiemiew, Lull, and Justin K. Broadrick and his projects, especially Final.
The album is released as a digipak and is strictly limited to 400 copies. The cover artwork was designed by Marcin Łojek. The album is released on New Nihilism and it is distributed by Alchembria.pl.

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