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PACIFIC 231 & RAPOON - Palestine LP + CD (PRE-ORDER)

CD edition of "Palestine" “album released in a limited editon o 2f00 copies, folded in 6 panel ekopack. CD contains 2 tracks from original edition and bonus tracks from strictly limited edition + 2 other tracks from Pacific 231. Material mastered by Robin Storey.
Remastered by Robin Storey
CD edition of 200 copies comes in a 6 panel ekopack.
Release date: 30.06.2021

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Only in pre-sale this CD is available at special discounted price. Alchembria special offer valid until release date. 

First time on vinyl. "Palestine” was the first effect of collaboration between two titans of industrial and underground music  Pierre “Pacific 231” Jolivet and Robin “Rapoon” Storey. Originally released as limited CD in 2007 by Old Europa Cafe  and “Dedicated to the struggcks ling Palestinian Nation and to the memory of Bryn Jones 1961-1999.” Zoharum is proud to present you a first time ever LP reissue of this important album. 
Given that “Palestine” is dedicated to Muslimgauze and Israeli-Palestinian conflict it’s easy to predict what you’ll find here. Each side of the record presents artists' take on middle eastern rhythm and sound. Side A is raw. For over 20 minutes Jolivet focuses on subtle processing over hypnotic distorted drum loops. On side B Storey takes us on a long, a bit IDM-ish trip following what seems to be Muezzin call. CD contains additional 3 rare tracks that were taken from the limited Old Europa Cafe version of the album and Pacific’s “el-Arish” business card CD.
This album is as important due to the subject it touches as it’s true and uncompromising and is still relevant now as it used to be in the times of its creation and even before. 
Remastered by Robin Storey
LP edition released on red transparent 180g vinyl and added CD contains all remastered tracks .
Release date: 25.07.2021

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