Given that it's film music it varies in style and tone. From narrative and holding in suspense electronics to some proper heavy riffage. “Klechdy” is a horror movie so don’t expect light treatment as the soundtrack is an integral part and a proper representation of what you see on the screen.

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The first Rigor Mortiss material released by Requiem Records after its reactivation. Musically, it heralds the direction in which the musicians are going in the "contrary".

Editor's note: Energetic firecracker, dark and trance. Noise, psychedelic and industrial. Powerful sound and simple chords. Primal wild strength. - And these are not exaggerated terms. Rigor Moriss, reactivated a few years ago, smashes the scene. One of the best Polish bands currently derived from the post-punk scene. With the paths of Swans, Killing Joke, Ministry, Young Gods to their own style. We have just released a new album - the first after reactivation - "Dirt". Iceland's jagged icebergs; endless spaces of the far Scandinavian north; a marriage of a dense fog of dawn in the Scottish harbor district of Rosyth and an industrial, hot, exhausting afternoon in the Ruhr region. Rigor Mortiss reactivated after 20 years on the occasion of the release of archival materials on Requiem Records. The premiere of the album as well as the band's first concert took place in Warsaw during the "Old Skull" event. A year later, the group took part in the project "Miniatures" by Eugeniusz Rudnik. During the official premiere at the "Polin" Museum of the History of Polish Jews, the musicians presented the piece "Cyborgernas Bön". In September this year, they performed at the Requiem Festival. They also played several concerts, including with Die Krupps and The Red Paintings.

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