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KE THU - Shared Soudaries CD

CD released by Silentes sublabel.

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CD released by Silentes sublabel.

Press-kit: Ke thu are an up and coming producing and live act duo based in Detroit, MI. Their style ranges from classic dub techno to ethereal ambient and anything in between. Their latest release, Shared Boundaries, is a series of sonic explorations with untitled track names that allow the listener a clean palette to explore from. The main (and only) sound source used for this release is a guitar, which was played live while being processed by a variety of outboard effects and modulation. Each of the 9 tracks on Shared Boundaries offer a glimpse into a different world comprised of their own aesthetic and feeling. The resulting bits of audio were then mixed by Detroit legend JOHN BELTRAN to finalize the album. A charming and emotion filled release that will enchant and enrich any listener's experience.

The CD is housed in a ecopak and the album is strictly limited to 200 copies.

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