FABIO ORSI - Reverse Diverse CD

CD released by Silentes.

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CD released by Silentes.

Press-kit:An album of sublime workmanship, developed by one of the finest Italian artists in that experimental context in the broadest sense that Fabio Orsi has explored over the years in every direction, with the uncommon ability to always go "beyond", renewing himself, seeking new sounds and new forms of expression, without ever completely abandoning the "main" path from which he began his long journey many years ago.

In this "Reverse Diverse", the artist combines sounds and musical openings that are at times almost "symphonic" with programmed rhythmic structures of great impact and effectiveness, with moments of strong impact and drama alternating with moments of more reflective "stillness" and introspection.

The tracks are those of an electronic music that draws its greatest inspiration from all that the "Berlin School" has been able to express from its beginnings up to the most current digressions; but this is only a general indication, because Fabio Orsi has been able to catch every bud of that experience, to then "expand" and develop it in a very personal way, integrating it with all the other influences that until today have "contaminated" his appreciated artistic/musical past.

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