CD edition released by Dark Vinyl.

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CD edition released by Dark Vinyl.

Press kit: After several releases on HAURUCK this is the third release by HIS DIVINE GRACE. Eurydice features 5 relaxing ambient tracks, which are ranging from ritual , meditative to dark ambient with a gloomy and doomy atmosphere. GOTHTRONIC Review : " This cd is from a fairly new ambient project that until now released records through the Hau-Ruck label, but now has it?s third cd released on the German label Dark Vinyl. The album contains six tracks with very tranquil, almost meditative ambient. The music sometimes is a bit ritual but actually it is too quiet for that. At moments it appears like a crystal clear electronic reflection of Gregorian chants. The atmosphere is gloomy. This is very puristic focussed ambient, with which comparisons to other projects are difficult to make. Regard Extreme comes somewhat near through it?s approach. Also Selected Ambient Works of Aphex Twin is an album with a similar content: pure and serene sleeping music. Nice if you like that and when you are in the right state of mind for it.

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