RAISON D'ETRE - The Stains of the Embodied Sacrifice (expanded edition 2021) 2CD

2CD edition released by Old Europa Cafe in 2021.

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2CD edition released by Old Europa Cafe in 2021.

The Stains of the Embodied Sacrifice' is not only vibrating on the surface of your skin. It is alive and breathing, a creature with a knife that cut deep wounds in your body while your soul shatters for air. It is a psychosomatic and transgressive disease oppressed by a compulsive behaviour manifested in dualities - the one of your body and mind - and states of metamorphoses - mind becomes flesh become wounds become fluids become stains. Play it loud if you want to become the martyr. Play it quiet if you are the innocent victim. There are no levels in-between. Violent and intense, it is a hell of an ordeal, but withstand and you are promised bliss.

'The Stains of the Embodied Sacrifice' (expanded edition 2021) is an updated version of the long sold-out expanded edition from 2012. It contains four bonus live tracks recorded at Club Resolve, San Dona di Piave, Italy, 2011 and a fresh new K-14 level mastering presenting the highest possible sound quality.

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