LHAM 'Leaving Hardly a Mark' CD

CD released by Silentes

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CD released by Silentes.

Press-kit:  "Leaving Hardly a Mark" is the debut album of the LHAM project, behind which lie the Italians Giuseppe Verticchio (Nimh, Hall of Mirrors, Twist of Fate...) and Bruno De Angelis (Mana Erg).

Cinematic and strongly evocative atmospheres are painted with the use of electronic instrumentation, guitars, bass and effects, following stylistic paths on the borderline between ambient music, moderate experimentation and subliminal "World" veins.

Delicate sound watercolours, moments of stasis, pulsations, suggestive and more driving melodic inserts alternate in drawing an eclectic and varied musical universe, which draws from influences of a very different nature, here collected and synthesised in a highly personal and original form.

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