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The chapters of the eclipse reveals layers of eternity in each phase like a moon bath vitalizing luminous patches in expanded and contemplative dronescapes. The meditative and minimalist electronic ambient sky is suspended at the interval for liberation from the shadows of becoming: life in its most essential orientation.

The chapters of the eclipse is the new musical union of Italy’s Alio Die (Stefano Musso) and Belgium’s Dirk Serries (vidnaObmana) which, more than twenty years after their previous collaboration (Echo Passage, Projekt 1999), contains three compositions in a suspended airy, majestic succession. These liquid soundscapes create an elegy of pure sonic beauty.

"It offers no possibility of interpretation,” writes Musso, "because the involvement is complete, and immersion presupposes nothing more than being immediately part of the floating of the cosmos in the glow of its impersonal nature. Eight years in the making, this new creation radiates the wave that accompanies the explored space; it’s a telescope on eternity in a contemplative offering which is an impulse towards the very essence of the inner light."

The chapters of the eclipse imparts passage to a realm of transcendence, a reflection on life while absorbing the beautiful harmonics of these essential dronescapes originating from electric guitar, zither and processing.


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