THAT'S HOW I FIGHT - Between Movements MC

A tape edition of the newest EP from THAT'S HOW I FIGHT.

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A tape edition of the newest EP from THAT'S HOW I FIGHT.

Barely a year after their debut and a few months before the release of his successor, THAT'S HOW I FIGHT remembers about themselves with the EP "Between Movements". The publication seems interesting and attractive because it contains only new material, and in addition, apart from the track "14", which heralds the new album, the other three were recorded solely for this release, including the opening track "One We Are" (with guest appearance by Paulus Kinski) and "8". The whole thing ends with an alternative version of "14" - a remix, or rather a deconstruction by Mirek Matyasik from C.H. District. A total of 4 tracks, nearly 24 minutes of interesting music, showing only a foretaste of what you can expect on "Movement Two", which will be released next year.

The EP is available in two formats: on a cassette with a limit of only 30 copies and in a digital version.

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