FOMALHAUT & NIMH - From The Longest Winter CD

Premiere material recorded by FOMALHAUT in collaboration with NIMH released by Zoharum in 2023.

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Giuseppe Verticchio aka NIMH is a true veteran of the Italian experimental scene. He has been composing music since the mid-1990s. Last year we had the opportunity to publish archival recordings from that period. In addition to his parent project, he is also a member of groups such as LHAM, Hall Of Mirrors, Twist of Faith and Maribor. In addition to an extensive discography documenting a lot of publications recorded solo, he is known for many interesting collaborations. Let's mention those with Maurizio Bianchi, Amon, Mauthausen Orchestra or Rapoon. This time we get an album recorded in an Italian-Polish tandem. The album "From the Longest Winter" was recorded with the participation of the Fomalhaut project, established by Tomek Borowski, associated by some of you with his journalistic activities when he was still writing in the "Apostazja" magazine. From now, thanks to cooperation with the Italian NIMH, he is also known as the creator of music that can be easily defined as dark ambient. At the same time, this genre is only a starting point for establishing a dialogue between the two artists, based on musical variations, exploration of various genres and sound experiments in order to build a narrative out of them, impose the right rhythm and atmosphere characteristic of this album. Collected in this way, the musical material contained here illustrates the states and emotions accompanying the entire process of its creation, inscribed in a specific time and space.

The album was released on CD in a limited edition of 250 copies. It is also available in a digital version.

Release date 12.05.2023

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