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RNGMNN & Karina Dorin 'Never Sleep Again' CD

CD released by Winter-Light.

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CD released by Winter-Light.
RNGMNN returns to our Winter-Light label with contemporary composer, singer and experimental musician, Karina Dorin.
RNGMNN and Karina Dorin met in Berlin a few years ago. After discovering that they were both musicians who shared a passion for the same type of music, they decided to collaborate together on a music project. 'Never Sleep Again' is the first physical manifestation of that collaboration. Karina Dorin handled the vocal part, using her numerous effect pedals, while RNGMNN created the dark atmospheres around them.
"Through these vocal-based sound design experiments, I came into contact with RNGMNN's music, which inspired and strengthened me in this creative process." - Karina Dorin
Karina Dorin sent her vocal recordings to RNGMNN, which instantly sparked an idea for him. They exchanged recordings back and forth for review until both were satisfied with the outcome. Different versions of the songs and the final album were rehearsed and agreed upon multiple times in Karina Dorin's studio.
This album was created between 2020 and 2021. Since that time, RNGMNN and Karina Dorin have regularly met for rehearsals to perform their songs live, which happened for the first time in mid-2023. This was Karina Dorin's first independent collaboration with RNGMNN and certainly not the last. In early 2023, RNGMNN also joined Karina Dorin's other project, the experimental Karina Dorin Choir. In this project, he supplies drone textures while the choir sings, and he performs live with them as well.
Karina Dorin, also known as Anesz Szalai of Anez, began her musical education at an early age with classical music. Later, she studied jazz, but she found her real interest in experimental electronic composition techniques and live performances. In recent years, she has delved into vocal sampling-based methods, incorporating the human voice into an electronic musical environment, manipulating it live, and even using it as a trigger for external visual elements.
"Our most unsettling fears are only a dream away. Never sleep again." 

Winter Light

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