ROD 'Chcemë le so zażëc'.

Over the past few years we had the pleasure to work with ROD co-releasing their first two EPs that preceded their debut album “Lelum Polelum” released on Karrot Kommando in 2018. Today ROD is back with the new album entitled “Pòczuj kaszëbsczégò dëcha” that appears this time under Zoharum banner. Rather than a regular band, ROD appears to be more of a collective focused on artistic activities strongly affiliated with slavic culture and rites. References are clear in musical, lyrical and visual aspects of their output. In their work, they consistently try to instill the culture of their ancestors into new ground. Here old rituals, overheard legends, and everyday customs refer to the universal vision of the universe - pure, indigenous and known for centuries. Undistorted by external influence. These propagators of heathen tradition put those values into present context. Their eclectic formula is based on combining two seemingly distant, even opposite musical worlds where modern electronic pulse meets melodies played on traditional folk instruments giving very unique and most satisfying result. ROD’s latest work relates to Kaszuby - region in northern Poland – and it’s rich ethnic and cultural background confronted with present day problems.

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