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ALBIREON Le Fiabe Dei Ragni Funamboli 2CD

Le fiabe dei ragni funamboli" is a six years long trip back home. We wrote the songs of the first cd "Fiabe di rugiada" (Dew's fairytales) back in 2006-2007 and each song was naturally infused with a deep sense of longing for a lost world of happiness and innocence. We understood, as time went by, that these songs were not just a collection of precious...
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Albireon 'I Passi Di Liu' CD+DVDr

LBIREON started as a musical project back in late 1998 from the strong will of self expression of Davide Borghi (Vocals, guitars, lyrics) and Carlo Baja-Guarienti (keyboards, piano, flute) . Albireon developed an heartfelt and clear sound with acoustic guitar and keyboards and started to write and record music. The first demo called "Where free birds...
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