V/A - Music For Abandoned Cold War Places CD

CD released by ZeroK.

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CD released by ZeroK

Press-kit: Since the 1978 Brian Eno album Music For Airports, subsequent attempts to produce music to create sonorous ambient textures and/or to describe environments through sound have been numerous. With this present compilation, curated by Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst), ZeroK (in collaboration with, Gavin Morrow , Joel Gilardini, Esa J. Ruoho, Heikki Lindgren, Andrés Faliu, Dani Kloob, Adriano Ragni, Matteo Scaioli, Evgeny Pustota, Valter Abreu, Jarko M. Hedenius, Janne Liimatainen, Jeton Hoxha, James Keeler and Wil Claeys) provide sound descriptions of abandoned Cold War places, as part of a wider project focused on abandoned, decommissioned, or even vanishing places. As the decades pass these places will become icons of past ages, existing somewhere between history and modern myth. They currently occupy a Ballardian mental space where reality cannot be distinguished from ghostly parallel dimensions.


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