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Joel Gilardini - The Age Of Space CD

CD released by ZeroK.

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CD released by ZeroK

Press-kit: Joel Gilardini is an experimental guitarist and sound designer, based in Zurich (Switzerland). His solo ambient oriented works are often based on the use of live‐looping and instant composition techniques. It’s a very unique biosphere of ambient, drone, dub, doom elements and morphing soundscapes.

Joel Gilardini opens at MONTAGS for Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin/Mobile on regular basis at EXIL club (Zurich/CH), and has taken part to Y2K International Live-Looping festivals in Zurich, Paris (FR), and Santa Cruz (US).

Furthermore Joel works as a composer and music performer for theater and dance acts. In this context he has collaborated with partners such as the Ballett Zurich, Swiss dancer Benoît Favre, and the collective House Of Pain. He' the mastermind behind the experimental-doom-metal act The Land Of The Snow and half of the noise-industrial duo Mulo Muto.


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