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CD released by Anternna Non Grata.

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CD released by Anternna Non Grata.

Info od wydawcy: Greek ἀκούσματα translates as ,,heard’’ but also ,,collections’’. It is a collection of statements that were treated both as a source of specific knowledge and as a slogan explaining the complex reality. Pythagoras used them at the turn of the 6th and 5th centuries B.C. Supposingly his students had to remain silent for five years and could not see their master. It was thought the view of the speaker, distracted the listeners and did not let them concentrate fully on the transferred knowledge. Much later, in the twentieth century, the French composer Pierre Schaeffer reminded about acousmatic experiences - listening to sounds in isolation from their sources. On the basis of his experiments, musique concrète was born. This record is an attempt to face these traditions. Selected artists were asked to show their way to blurring the sources of sounds that in the process of experimenting, processing lose their meaningful luggage and become something that must be imagined anew. Akusmata.

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