A brilliant  album from CREATION VI & Uhushuhu released on CD by Muzyka Voln

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A brilliant album from CREATION VI & Uhushuhu released on CD by Muzyka Voln

Press-kit: Improvised live-in-studio session between Creation VI (at that point Tim Six & Aloe) and Uhushuhu, recorded in May 2016 and then slightly edited by both projects. «Masters of the new wave of Russian drone ambient present their collaboration work. A narrative streaming out of the green thicket of a fictional forest as a cloud of purple fog pierced by flashes of resonating harmonies and ghostly echoes. A dense organic cobweb of field recordings, voices, acoustic instruments and electronic manipulations. A dream filled with bright colours or a psychedelic slumber with a whirling kaleidoscope of asymmetric images and visions. A sonic fantasy so pleasant to dive into together with the musicians and spend some time in the company of your own subconscious mind…»

Released by Muzyka Voln ~ December 29, 2016

Limited edition of 300 copies in a matte 6-panel digisleeve

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