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CD released by ZeroK.

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CD released by ZeroK

Press-kit: In April 2009, J. G. Ballard died at the age of 78. By the end of his life he was recognised as one of the greatest British writers of the latter half of the twentieth century. The acclaim his work has garnered stems from its unsettling ability to describe the present in collision with near but unexpected futures. His narratives operate according to the temporalities of car crashes, epidemics, and physiological shocks. The word ‘Ballardian’ has entered the Collins Dictionary as a term denoting ‘dystopian modernity’. The fiction of J. G. Ballard delves deep into the human psyche, not only by exploring the relationships between its characters, but also by conveying the cityscape in terms of the mind. Either real or imaginary, the urban spaces reflect and are reflected by the minds of the protagonists. Influenced by the psychoanalytic theory of Sigmund Freud, the Jungian model of the psyche, the experiments in anti-psychiatry initiated by R.D. Laing, as well as the technological advancements of the new millennium, Ballard proposes a new type of fiction. The aim of his pursuit is to answer some of the pressing issues that the self is confronted with in an urban milieu which is gradually becoming more dehumanized and impersonal.
“The advanced societies of the future will not be governed by reason. They will be driven by irrationality, by competing systems of psychopathology.”
With this present compilation, curated by Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst), ZeroK label (in collaboration with, Lars Bröndum, Eraldo Bernocchi, Gavin Morrow , Joel Gilardini, Esa J. Ruoho, Heikki Lindgren, Mario Lino Stancati, Erik Jarl, Roberto Quezada, Jarko M. Hedenius, Janne Liimatainen, Mombi Yuleman and Christian Schneider) provides sound descriptions of the dystopian world narrated by the English master J. G. Ballard in his novels and short stories, creating an imaginary soundtrack of those s/f masterpieces

1. Grey Frequency - Fractured Smile 05:41
2. Eraldo Bernocchi - High Rise 05:06
3. HLER - Passport To Eternity 14:30
4. Hector M. Reis - Crash 03:38
5. Lars Bröndum - Subliminal Man Part 1 03:16
6. Joel Gilardini - The Garden Of Time 03:45
7. Mario Lino Stancati - Crystal World 04:11
8. vÄäristymä - The Disaster Area 06:13
9. Mombi Yuleman - Auto Wreck Eroticism 04:54
10. JARL - Labyrinth Of Images 09:12
11. Lars Bröndum - Subliminal Man Part 2 03:37
12. Tarme Til Alle - The Wind From Nowhere 11:56


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