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Paulina Owczarek | Aleksander Wnuk - Komentarz eufemistyczny CD

An attempt to explore the unexplored

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Euphemistic commentary is a project of sounding imagination, stimulated by claustrophobic, blurry, toxic urban spaces. A reflection on aesthetising disasters and on euphemising the language used to describe them. On euphemism, understood as camouflage, creating cozy language, manipulation and hiding meaning, but also a necessary (for both individuals and communities) tool for reasonably painless functioning in reality.

Owczarek | Wnuk is a duo of improvising musicians, members of Krakow Improvisers Orchestra. Principally, they play the saxophones and percussion, without principles.They have taken part in Polish Impro@art series, Institute of Intuition and Free the Dance; with Krakow Improvisers Orchestra they performed at festivals such as Krakow Jazz Autumn, Polska Platforma Tańca, Ostrava New Music Days, Musica Privata and Festiwal Orkiestr Improwizujących.

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