EMITER - Five Tracks From a Single Source CD

An attempt to explore the unexplored

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"Some time ago I prepared a soundtrack for the works of Magdalena Franczak. Later, at the Zachęta Project Space in Warsaw, there was an exhibition of two artists - Yael Frank and Magdalena Franczak titled ,,Ice melts Mrs. Frankczak’’. After a few years I was browsing through sound archives and found the piece from the exhibition, but also the separate tracks from which it was created. I started listening to them as separate tracks. It turned out to be a good start for further sonic journey. I thought of referring to the individual tracks and recording new music based on them. That's how this album came to be".

Marcin Dymiter moves in the field of electronic music, field recording and improvised music. He creates sound installations, radio plays, film music, theater performances, exhibitions and public spaces. He is the author of the Field Notes project, sound maps and music educational cycle Tracklist. Conducts sound workshops and an action that approximates the idea of field recording. He play in projects: emiter, niski szum, ZEMITER, TRYS SAULES, MAPA and other, ephemeral formations. As an independent curator he is associated with the festivals Control Room (Gdańsk), Wydźwięki / Resonances (Galeria El, Elbląg), mikro_makro (Słupsk, Flensburg). He is the originator and curator – together with Marcin Barski – of the Polish Soundscapes project, the first Polish exhibition presenting the phenomenon of field recording and a co-creator of the Institute of Soundscape (Instytut Pejzażu Dźwiękowego).

He collaborates with the visual artist Ludomir Franczak – earlier in the emiter_franczak audio-video performance project, and recently in the field of theater and performative activities (“Erft”, “Recovered”, “Life and Death of Janina Węgrzynowska”, “Atlas of Sounds”), being responsible for music and sound processing. He also works with visual artists: Joanna Rajkowska, Elżbieta Jabłońska, Anna Baumgart, Anna Witkowska, Risa Takita, Magdalena Franczak and Karola-Głusiec.

Music producer. Listener and participant of music and improvisation workshops in the country and abroad, among others led by Le Quan Ninh, Andrew Sharpley, John Butcher, Robin Minard and Wolfgang Fuchs. Scholarship holder of the University of Art in Berlin, finalist of the Netmage International Multimedia Festival in Bologna. Scholarship holder of the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2011), the Visegrad Foundation (2012). Member of the Polish Association of Electroacoustic Music. 

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