COAGULANT - Map of the Dusk Until Its Replacement CD

CD edition released by Antenna Non Grata.

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CD released by Antenna Non Grata

Press-kit: Recorded developed and performed by Coagulant at PSSR std – North London – Summer\Fall 2022
All sounds sourced from environmental microphones and feedback
Visual concept – artwork & design by Spectral\23
The environment, with its elements and contexts, is the absolute protagonist of this sound work. Each sound is information, which allows for the exploration of new soundscapes. Effectively, the perception of the original bioacoustics, coming from the recording sessions that make up this work, has been transmuted into other audio-auditory communications.
By choice, both tracks were composed with sounds from completely different places, captured in the moments and hours that take the name of: nautical and astronomical sunset. A sort of mapping of the twilight which allows, with different approaches to sound not only intended as aesthetic, but also as a specific binaural space, to extend the position of perception, in passing from different environments to different hours in which the luminosity and the noises of the events surroundings, change cyclically and temporally into daily psychoacoustics manifestations and phenomena.

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