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BASTARDS OF LOVE 'Decadance Royale' CD

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Bastards of Love debut album on CD! Let's get minimal! Featuring guest appearances from Geneviéve Pasquier, and Nora Below, Bastards Of Love are tearing you up! Released on Deja Vu Music and available November 28th, 2006. Tobi Margaux has arisen from the vinyl release underground with his first CD. Bastards Of Love "Summer Destination" EP was a short initiation to what is now fully realized on "Decadance Royale". 70 minutes of pure electronic passion connecting old school synth-lines with amazing pumping rhythms that lead you straight into ecstasy. The vocals provide an emotional note ranging from whispering, melancholic layers, to the final heights of power: shouts of life. Invoking an experience that flows into the spirit and creates an everlasting impression. The magic of "Alchemy" with Geneviéve Pasquier flows into pulsating industrial pop with "The Love Café, and "Fast Reaction". The mellower crooning side of Bastards Of Love is also finely represented by "Misunderstandings" and "World Of Matter". Bonus remixes of the hits "Stories" and "Rouge Fatale" round out the complete infusion of this "Decadance Royale". This is the language of pure energy, this is rebel electropop!

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