Atrocious Filth 'Moan' CD EP

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22 years later, these friends decided to continue the project they began together when they were young. In spring 2015, in a lineup consisting of Małeg (bass), Andzia (guitar), Ivan (guitar), Uysy (percussion) and Jungi (vocals), they went to Studio 333 in order to record new material. The producer was Bartłomiej Kuźniak, who also added soprano saxophone, double bass and other instruments to the recordings. The result of their work is the EP MOANS (premiere: 24 February 2016). The cover was designed by Grzegorz Gadzinowski. A video for the song "Moans" was filmed by Robert Gasperowicz from Exploited Media.
The current lineup is: Małeg, Uysy, Jungi and Andzia.

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