BEYOND DAWN - Righteous underground 2CD

This release compiles a huge amount of unreleased Beyond Dawn material, spanning the Norwegians' entire illustrious career - from the Pity Love debut and up until and including their last album, Frysh. Alternative versions / mixes, unreleased songs, demos, live tracks and so on, comprising more than two hours of rare, or in most cases never before heard Beyond Dawn material. In fact, there is so much material in the vaults, we could easily have made this a triple, or quadriple package. But we decided to put only the very best on the physical cd, and compile an appendix of extra material free to download with every purchase.

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6-panel digipack. "My first encounter with the wonderful musical world of Alain Neffe and his gang was in the summer of 1985, the cassette Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 5. I quickly got hooked and followed the encouragement from Alain on the cover, to get in touch with him via old fashioned snail mail and ordered more cassettes from his Insane Music Contact. One of my ultimate favourites was Live In Belgium And Holland by BeNe GeSSeRiT, with some of those improbable vocal excesses by front woman Nadine. A few years later, in the summer of 1989, we succeeded to bring the duo to Norway. It was spectacular, a one of a kind performance, at least to the Norwegian public. I would have loved to release that short & sweet show in some way. Unfortunately there only exist a sub-standard VHS-recording of parts of it. Here's something for comfort: More than 30 years down the road and two independent labels from way back, one Belgian and one Norwegian, with the noun Tapes still proudly in their names, have decided on a joint release of another vintage BeNe GeSSeRiT live recording. It stems from a gig only a few months after EE Tapes' 2010 release First Time In Aachen, a recording from November 1990. You may well ask what's the point with another similar live release. Well, First Time In Aachen was sold out several years ago. Here's a second chance to experience classic BeNe GeSSeRiT live in full bloom for those who missed the First Time. Also, it's a different show in quite a different setting. There are even some lyrics sung in Danish! So, for those familiar, or unfamiliar, with the wonderful insane music of BeNe GeSSeRiT live, sit back and enjoy!" Johan Schlanbusch.

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