BRUME – La Violence du N​é​ant CD

CD edit released by EE Tapes.

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CD edit released by EE Tapes.
Press-kit: Long existing project of famous French composer Christian Renou, operating between the boundaries of musique concrète, sound collage and industrial noise.His latest full work dated from 2019 ('The Rusty Seeds' - LP 100 cps on EE Tapes). Here is his brand-new opus, recorded and finished between 2020-2022. Looks like a sister release to 'The Rusty Seeds' (similar artwork and design), but nothing is what it seems... on each release Brume keeps reinventing himself time after time, as on this magnificent one-tracker (69 mins)!Voice manipulations, percussive fireworks, unsettling atmospheres, eerie passages etc, it's all there and more.

This could be Heaven or this could be Hell!

EE Tapes

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