ROMA AMOR 'On The Wire' CD

CD compilation released by Klabggalerie.

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CD compilation released by Klabggalerie.

Info od wydawcy: 11-cut new release that ranges from mid-tempo accordion neocabaret postfolk to mid 80's new wave†¨ and pop. Black painted catchy songs with Roma Amor trademark and more: smoky voice and emotional †¨ accordion next to drumbeat, weird percussions, piano and synth sounds. "On The Wire" includes the †¨ full SPQR 10 inch from 2012, here remixed and remastered with slighty different vocals and arrangements †¨ on some tracks, plus 6 unissued songs of dark-flavoured music brewed with a lot of influences. Comes in an elegant creamy digipack with vintage biker photos of travels over the Alps in Österreich.


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