V/A - Gardens Of Avante CD

CD released by Medulla Oblongata /Dark Psychedelic Trance.

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CD released by Medulla Oblongata /Dark Psychedelic Trance. 

Press-kit: Greetings, Medulla Oblongatians! We proudly invite you to visit our latest exhibition of sonic wizardry in the Gardens of Avante. The gardens have been meticulously curated with 9 ornamentally crafted pieces of space music from the future. The seeds were sown by ace psychedelic gardener Nagual, who presents his debut compilation after manyyears of deep sonic exploration. The resulting harvest is a collection of beautifully organic odysseys, soaring high into the skies of cutting edge psychedelic music and at the same time finding their roots deeper into the mystical realms of musical meditation. Here you will find many fruits of joy, flowers of creativity, thorns of defence, powerful poisons, magical nectars, trees of auditory nourishment and much more. The curing of the gardens has been expertly handled by Dr Kokobloko at Kokobloko Studio. And the dreamweaving artwork is courtesy of Jimacido Digital Art and Design. The gardens are open on February 23rd. Accessible through Beatspace for physical orders and through the Medulla Oblongata Bandcamp store . Let?s boom !

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