MAURIZIO BIANCHI – Elegietroniche CD

At begins. A slow mournful droning as if the very world itself is emitting a long low sigh of anguish. An anguished moan that rises and echoes into the vast subterranean chamber. Imperceptible and indistinct, a gentle tolling of bells emerge from the dark murky sonic abyss that is beginning to slowly unfurl around you. It’s almost as if this almost unobtrusive nebulous pealing of bells is the bell of Charon, sounding as he slowly approaches you on his rust coloured skiff. Upon the lake in that vast underground chamber where the living and the dead finally coalesce.A squall of energy seems to appear from nowhere building in pace and volume before breaking down and scattering into the distance like a cascade of shattered glass. 

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On a mission to bring again the best works of the Italian Industrial acts of the 80s and 90s to the light, Officina Fonografica Italiana offers its first release in the form of a CD reissue of the historic "Armaghedon" by Maurizio Bianchi. Originally released on vinyl in 1984 by the author, this album has longly been his last work before his return to music in the late 90s. Conceived as a soundtrack for a movie by Bianchi himself - unfortunately never finished and now lost - "Armaghedon" is a cornerstone of his discography, a mature and refined album that highlights the spontaneity and immediacy of its essential sonorities. Heading beyond the boundaries of mere conventionality, the disc consists of a long suite divided in two parts where Maurizio Bianchi combines many artistic influences in his compositional style, taking us on a fascinating and difficult path full of noise and experimentation. Presented in an elegant digipack featuring a new artwork based on the original cover pictures and fully approved by the author, "Armaghedon" is the first in a series of reissues dedicated to the undisputed master of Italian Noise.


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