Reissue of Scanner 'Trawl' released on CD by Aquarellist.

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Reissue of Scanner 'Trawl' released on CD by Aquarellist.

Trawl was originally released in 1996 on the Chreode label, run by John Everall of Sentrax/Tactile. John and I were great friends for many years and his energy and good nature ensured that releases like this came together through a desire to share good things with the world. This features four unreleased mixes (30+ mins of music), plus additional mixes from Mick Harris (Scorn/Napalm Death) and Bill Laswell (Material/legendary music producer).
As the press release at the time reported:" Trawl is a virtual alter collaboration of Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner. In stark contrast to the scanned ethernet soundscapes of the Scanner material, the work of Trawl focuses on the bass and the swinging hips music of the younger generation. Put down that Semiotexte pamphlet, wash up those coffee cups and throw on your rhythm clogs for a bout of hedonistic spinal assault.
"Muscle-bound, chart-bound and a heaving body of pure sensuality" is what the press have called Trawl. Try and imagine a future with music as cool as a 60 watt bulb and as smooth as a super-models legs and you are somewhere near the work of Trawl."
This was previously available on Bandcamp with only the original vinyl tracks but now it has been reissued on the Russian label Aquarellist, in a limited edition of 300 copies on CD in a 4-panel soft touch laminated digipak, with four unreleased tracks.

In memory of John Everall of Sentrax who kindly supported this release. RIP you fine man.  


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