K2 'Rainy Tritium 2' CD

Album released on CD by 4IB in 2020.

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Album released on CD by 4IB in 2020.

Press-kit: K2 (Kimihide Kusafuka) is one of Japan's most significant harsh noise protagonists dealing in raw junk metal noise works since the 80's. Rainy Tritium 2 is the follow up release to Rainy Tritium 1 put out in 2017 on Oxen Records. Kimihide continues to relay his social message regarding the impact of climate change through his unique rendition of aural carnage.

K2's use of analogue and semi modular synths and pedals continue to shatter sonic barriers with heavily processed and distorted metallic industrial noise. The aggressive manipulation of analogue electronics and deconstruction of sound sources display jarring intensities of abrasive screeching, scraping, buzzing and droning mayhem. Rainy Tritium 2 features an hour of harsh noise extremes that is guaranteed to test the limits of your aural threshold.


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