TAPE DEKAY– Decadimento Del Nastro - Decadenza Di Tutto CD

Album released by Old Captian.

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Press kit: “Decadimento Del Nastro - Decadenza Di Tutto” is the first album by Tape Dekay, BJ Nilsen’s (Hazard, Morthound) analogue musique concrete / noise project whose first and only appearances date decades back: 1999 on the Cold Meat Industry sampler ‘Estheticks Of Cruelty’ with ‘Försökspersonerna’ track and ‘Jonestown Revisited’ track from a 2009 cassette compilation ‘White Nights’ released by Private Edition. The conceptual content of the current CD has been created with the Automatic Music Control System developed by ONKYO and the Elettrocardiograf by Officine Galileo informed by psychotronic distress, thought insertion, electronic harassment and the Frey effect. These 7 recordings reveal harsh and fragmented soundscapes tainted by disembodied voices, squelch and hyper charged feedback. Co-released with Narcolepsia.

Old Captain

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