K. HENRY DUNHAM - Sol Evocations CD

CD released by Silentes.

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CD released by Silentes.

K. HENRY DUNHAM, of ambient project Our Lady of the Flowers, releases his solo debut, "Sol Evocations", a continuation of the quantum mysticism and musical techniques explored in last year's "Holiday in Thule". Where Thule is a celebration of the solemnity of dark winter days, "Sol Evocations" is a call to the long pulsing light of the sun. This romp through archetypal collective mind spaces was distilled from a 13-hour live improvisational set, with the intent of providing low volume background sounds to accompany an art show and film festival in Port Huron, Michigan. By employing cut up techniques, solar and ionic samples, Schumann Resonance, field recordings of sacred rites and mythic teachings, and lo-fi electronic devices, a movement of music issues which calls the sun to illuminate these troubled times. Additional infrasonics and spectral processing by A601-2 and Toshimitsu Osawa. Artwork by Stefano Gentile.


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