A tape edition of the newest album from POPSYSZE.

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A tape edition of the newest album from POPSYSZE.

"Emisja" musically is a development of the formula started by the band on their previous album ("Kopalino"). This time the Popsysze musicians went even further, allowing themselves to experiment with the use of electronics to a greater extent than before, they also expanded their instruments with numerous percussion instruments, thus enriching the existing sound. The whole thing was recorded on the so-called a hundred, well reflecting the spirit and emotions that accompany this music. During the session, Piotr Czerski appeared as a guest in one of the songs (Towary Zastępcze, Morze). The recording was made in the MASSKA studio, belonging to Grzegorz Skawiński. Michał Mielnik was the producer of the recordings, while Michał Kupicz was responsible for the mixing and mastering. Thanks to this, the band gained a characteristic "lightness" of playing, contrasting with the rather dark aura, additionally reinforced with texts, building the narrative of the last album, and touching on otherwise very important issues. Many questions arise about the challenges facing our planet, potential scenarios that are becoming more and more real. The inspiration for this material was the film "You can panic", where professor Szymon Malinowski talks about the current state of the planet and spins rather gloomy visions about its future. in an engaging way, thanks to the airy, slightly oneiric and lazy music associated with the Popsysze band.

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