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GROTH - Groth CD

GROTH's debut material released on CD.

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GROTH's debut material released on CD. 
Groth is fresh blood on the guitar scene oscillating somewhere in the genre of broadly understood post or simply metal, although it is too simplistic. As is well known, the Zoharum does not specialize in publishing conventional rock music, so where's the catch? First of all, in the music recorded by the band at the turn of 2020 and 2021 in the Tame Peak Records studio in Wejherowo under the watchful eye, ear and hand of Paweł Malawski, and which appears on this EP. In total, there are five tracks that appear as a mixture of catchy high-gain riffs and solid percussion backbeats, sometimes interspersed with lurking ambient-psychedelic connectors. This thickened sound tissue relaxes in some places, building up space and tension that again tends to culminate again. At times, doom / stoner riffs give way to a space in which a slightly psychedelic note can resound, changing the current character of the composition. It is this kind of non-obviousness that is the element that connects the musical world of Groth with other artists who create and collaborate in the Zoharum publishing field,

CD released in digipack. as a limited edititon of 300 pcs,

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