YUTANI - Not Much Of A Talker CD

YUTANI's debut album released on CD by Zoharum.

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YUTANI's debut album released on CD by Zoharum.

YUTANI is a musical entity with an undefined formula, created by a mysterious trio originating and creating in the Warsaw area. They play music so specific, non-obvious and elusive of all definitions that it is difficult to name what can be found on "Not Much of A Talker". In nine consecutive compositions we deal with a kind of deconstruction, or it would be more accurate to say, reinterpretation of electronic music. YUTANI does it in a completely different way for such a style, because to generate its own sounds, it mainly uses live instruments to bring out the most unobvious - and seemingly - unbelievable sounds, which in no way resemble their original, organic character. Composing individual pieces, they consciously and deliberately reject any stylistic framework. They do not set themselves a single direction in which they would like to go with their message. At the same time, they explore quite distant musical worlds, which - it would also seem - impossible to connect, and yet ... it's like metal but without guitars, psychedelic, but as if embedded in a different genre framework, all immersed in a thicket of dark loops, monotonous industrial clatter fueled by a metallic creak. Nevertheless, a slightly chillout aftertaste is felt here, especially in those less intense moments. "Not Much Of A Talker" is also electronic music that is not per se, although it has all the features that define this genre. Finally, the debut is an album which - despite the difficulties in defining it unambiguously - provides a lot of joy when we allow ourselves the pleasure of communing with him, because everything is possible here. It is enough to just follow the sounds and let them flow freely, as if in the stream of consciousness, just like our thoughts, when directed by various stimuli, to lead us completely into the unknown ...

Album released on CD in 300 copies and in digital version.

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