he pioneers of the Polish EBM scene are back with a new album.

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The pioneers of the Polish EBM scene are back with a new album. "AMOK" consists of six premiere songs, nearly 40 minutes of music recorded with the new line-up. Adam Radecki invited Jacek Sokołowski (Rigor Mortiss, That's How I Fight) to cooperate, which undoubtedly influenced the new character of DÜSSELDORF's music. The EBM vibe still be felt here, but the electronic sound, sometimes referring to the Berlin school, enhanced by live percussion, introduces the band's music into new stylistic areas. Going beyond the convention of the genre, they reach for a new wave and instill a post-rock on their own soil... but they do not lose their energy even for a moment and with their beat they set the dance rhythm... 
We recommend the album to both old fans and those who see this band for the first time.
CD released in a limited edition of 300 CDs in a 6-panel digipack. 

Release date: 27.06.2022

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