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VIRIDANSE – Gallipoli 1915 E Le Altre Storie 2CD

CD released by Silentes.
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Another double OLBM CD that testifies the remarkable work carried out within the New Wave phenomenon by Viridanse (from Alessandria, Piedmont) between 1983 and 1987. Despite its short existence, the group has left an important trace in a time when the world of music was already full of proposals. Influenced by the English Wave and the Florentine scene, Viridanse debut with a split-tape shared with The Art of Waiting. In 1984, Contempo Records produces their 12” EP "Benvenuto Cellini" and - the following year - the album "Mediterranea". During this period the group gets good reviews from major magazines and often performs live on stage in North and Central Italy. In 1987, after the breaking-off with Contempo, the band produces a new demo tape entitled "Psycho Session" before disbanding the following year. The first CD of this collection contains the EP "Benvenuto Cellini" with the addition of seven songs recorded live in Alessandria in July 1984. The second CD offers the entire album "Mediterranea" and a selection of four songs from the "Psycho Session" recorded in 1987. With nothing to envy to their contemporaries Litfiba and Diaframma, Viridanse have produced a very interesting repertoire; listening to this collection we notice a versatility that goes far beyond the usual New Wave schemes, living on music influences that range from funky to progressive without overlooking a rock and vaguely psychedelic imprint.

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