ERALDO BERNOCCHI | MERZBOW - ‎Patterns and Mechanisms CD

Released by Silentess on CD.

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Released by Silentess on CD.
Press-kit: "Patterns and Mechanisms", Eraldo Bernocchi and Merzbow's first album together, was written and recorded during the lockdown. Both artists exchanged audio files and ideas fascinated by the phenomenon of urban wildlife where wild animals decide to relocate, or establish home in our cities, the album is just two long pieces. Despite being dense and noisy, "Patterns and Mechanisms" has a 'melodic' approach to composition, with Merzbow's noise assault conjugating with Bernocchi's music. The outcome is a sonic journey across concrete horizons, dystopian landscapes, and new species, all while being amazed by how nature reclaims her domain for good thorough a slow and persistent displacement of biological living organisms. Published by the renowned Silentes in a special packaging conceived by Petulia Mattioli, it is limited to 300 copies.

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