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A tape edition of the LARMO EP

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A tape edition of the LARMO EP

LARMO is a new music project, founded by Mirosław Matyasik, so far associated mainly with the activity as the C.H.DISTRICT, performing live, releasing his music on CDs (M-Tronic, Requiem Records, Zoharum), or remixing songs by other artists from  independent scene (including Das Moon, Husky, Agressiva 69, That's How I Fight) for over 20 years. During this period, C.H. District has undergone a metamorphosis from electro-Industrial towards IDM (Intelligence Dance Music).

LARMO is a return to the roots, to heavy industrial playing with elements of rhythmic noise, illbient, techno or bass music. When exploring these genres, Mirek uses them freely, and using a wide stylistic spectrum, he only draws for himself those structures and sounds that allow him to realize his strong, very suggestive musical message, which, in a way, comes from the natural environment in which he lives and creates, that is, from Upper Silesia and its industrial landscape. Its electronics seem so extreme that LARMO joins the JAD and GRUZJA bands to go on a joint tour with them. On this occasion, a materialized version of the sound material will also be released, in the form of a cassette EP, entitled "Noise Tape # 1", released by Zoharum. Premiere on October 20, during the first live on the tour. This publication is to be a foretaste of what we can expect on the project's regular album, which is currently under construction.

Release date 20.10.2022

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