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MOURN - Mastema CD

CD edition released by Steinklang.

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CD edition released by Steinklang.

Press-kit: Mastema is the angel of disaster and the father of all evil, whose name means hatred, hostility, enmity and persecution. He is the father of the Nephilim, who visits plagues and tribulations upon men to test them. Mourn, on the other hand, is a coming together of Kadaver, Destruktionsanstalt and Ideal Father. Three masters of industrial noise and power electronics, whose combined history and discography is extensive to say the least. Mourn’s Mastema, then, is dark, brooding and vicious death industrial and power electronics. Layers of abrasive distortion and sequences of white noise alternate with moments of haunting dark ambience. Speech samples root the album in unsettling territory, laden with imagery of murder, violence and abuse. Mourn metes out both atmosphere and violence in carefully measured portions, making Mastema a diverse yet cohesive descent into some very disconcerting places.

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